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School offers well equipped labs for primary, middle and secondary school. Students use the lab resources to learn the use of different kinds of software to enhance their knowledge and showcase their creativity. Each class is given a demonstration using LCD Projectors for better understanding.
All labs are  equipped with a firefighting system.

Our lives in these modern times are heavily dependent on the use of computer. we need to make the future generation well equipped with the use of computer. Hence it is highly imperative to include  computer education in the school curriculum. Our school computer lab , like other labs essentially provide access to various resources to the students. Our school  computer lab is located on the second storey of the school building. The lab has 50 computers (with window-10 PRO & windows 11 PRO) for students. It has a hard writing surface on each computer table, so that the students have no problem while taking notes. computer lab also has a high speed internet for staff. Computer lab is very well-managed and well-equipped with printer, scanner etc. computers in computer lab are typically arranged in rows. Lab consultant staff can assist the students with little or no prior computer experience.