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Discipline is the very important in the school life . Discipline among the students remind them of the proper code of behaviour .therefore B.G.S.B.U.S sen sec school ,Khadur Sahib requires conformity of certain regulations from the students aimed at the entire growth of the school as well as themselves .Our school also trains the students not to go out -side their ethical and moral boundaries and guides them to become good human beings and self displace creates a brighter tomorrow .so discipline is the most important learning for a student . The school administration with the cooperation with the cooperation of the parents attempts to impart strength of character for every students that joints this institution . the strength of character consists in developing the maximum of the following virtues :

Strength of wisdom and knowledge (creativity , Inquisitiveness ,open -mindedness).

Strength of courage (Bravery, perseverance , Integrity /honesty.

Strength of Humanity (Love that prompts to share and care kindness ,social intelligence)  

Strengths temperance mercy, humility, self- regulation.